Bosch Appliance repair

If you are planning to buy appliances for your kitchen, then you should take a look at the products under the title of Bosch Kitchen Machines. They are also called the Bosch Universal Series Kitchen Machines which is a product line that has three different kitchen appliances.

The first, Bosch Kitchen Machine is the MUM 6610 UC. The main unit of this model has a power cord storage area and other features include a 6 quart mixing bowl, a splash ring and cover, two beating whisks, a dough hook and a motor drive cover. The second type of Bosch Kitchen Machine is the MUM 6622 UC. All its features are similar to that of the first model but it has an additional 6 cup blender. The third model is the MUM 6630 UC. It includes all the features of MUM 6622 UC and also has a slicer or shredder attached to it.

All the parts of the Bosch Kitchen Machines can be washed in the dishwasher except for the main unit and the whisk holder. The latter two parts have to be washed by hand. If you need it to serve other purposes you can buy certain additional attachments. The available extensions are a food and meat grinder, a citrus juicer, a cookie attachment, a fruit pulper, pasta-making disks and a grater attachment. All the models are provided with strong 700 watt motor and 3 speeds. In case the motor becomes too hot you can use the cut off switch. Hand grips and 4 rubber feet help to keep the main unit in a steady state.