Dacor Appliance repair

The company has five main refrigerator brands, Epicure, Integrated, Style Viewer, Millenia and Preference. One of the smaller models from Dacor is the 24" Beverage Center Epicure. This refrigerator has a stainless steel finish and can hold up to 29*750ml wine bottles. It has two removable glass shelves and an internal fan and is lit on the interior with 8W fluorescent lights. This small refrigerator is guaranteed to preserve your wines at the desired temperature. There are bigger Epicure models such as the 36" Freestanding French door refrigerator which has a bottom freezer and the Epicure 48"/42" Built-In refrigerators.

Dacor's bigger refrigerators, like all of its products, are made to very exacting standards and are meant to be good value for money as well as being environmentally friendly. The specs of their 36" Freestanding French Door refrigerator, for example, show how the company's objectives are met in the production process. This refrigerator is Energy Star qualified and is a low consumer of power. The fridge has many advanced feature including an ice and water dispenser.