Sub-Zero Appliance repair

There are many factors which make Sub-Zero's range of refrigeration equipment so popular with professional chefs, kitchen designers and home-cooks alike. Read on to discover what makes Sub-Zero products the 'coolest' refrigerators on the market, both inside and out. The diversity of the Sub-Zero range means that there's a model to suit any kitchen, whether traditional or contemporary; the PRO line makes a bold style statement, while the Integrated line is designed to seamlessly blend into a kitchen.

What many brands possess in terms of style, they often lack in substance. Sub-Zero is different, boasting good looks and the highest performance in equal measure. Some key features include: Microprocessor - The built-in microprocessor allows precise temperature control, a routine service indicator and automatic defrosting that senses and adapts to your usage patterns. Air purification - An advanced air purification system, based on technology developed for NASA, means that unpleasant bacteria, gases and odours are vastly reduced, compared to a regular refrigerator, resulting in fresher food for longer. Digital controls - The controls are digital instead of mechanical and allow the user to choose between a Celsius or Fahrenheit display, offering precise and superior temperature control.